...a grassroots movement in China that has become a massive force for peaceful transformation.

Rong Yi, Chairperson of Tuidang Center


Endgame approaching for One-Child-Policy?

Townhall Web Site, One-Child Policy, 4h

Thirteen million Chinese who lack household registration certificates because they were born in violation of the One-Child-Policy. They can’t go to school, get a job, get married or do something as simple as check out library books.

Tibet in Focus: The Culture in Exile Flourishes (Part III)

Tibetan Political Review, britannica , Tibet, 1d

Today, there is strong worldwide cultural and spiritual constituency for Tibet, and a transformation of the Tibetan plight from one people's political struggle to the right to exist and flourish.

A Photographer Reflects on Conflicts He’s Been Covering in Hong Kong

Epoch Times, Democratic movement, 2d

"All of a sudden I see the umbrellas going up and I could see the pepper spray flying everywhere", wrote Benjamin Chasteen, a photographer who cover Hong Kong protest nfrom the beginning. One thing I get from all of this is how selfish one man could be. A leader would recognize how his citizens are not happy with him and volunteer to step down so as to bring his country peace and happiness.


UK calls China a ‘Country of Concern’

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office , 6m

"The facts on the ground point to the fact that China’s communist regime severely curtails civil and political rights and utilizes the use of violence frequently when faced with free-thinkers, human rights defenders and those who petition for change" was written in the UK report

China’s Environmental Crisis – CFR Report

CFR, 8m

China's environmental crisis is due to the fact that it's huge economic growth has come at the expense of its environment and public health. Citizens in big Chinese cities citizens have dubbed the air pollution as "airpocalypse".

The Long Shadow of Chinese Censorship

The Center for International Media Assistance, 11m

The Chinese Communist Party is exporting patterns of domestic control to censor unwanted news and stifle opposition viewpoints internationally.